Feed your artistic fire

Pair Rhyme Genie® with TuneSmith® and get the most comprehensive set of tools available to focus on the craft of songwriting and administer growing song catalogs.


Spark your creativity

Enhance your songwriting with TuneSmith’s lyrics editor featuring revision tracking, rich text styling and rhyme clipboard histories for each song in progress. Rekindle emotions of past writing sessions or look up new rhymes for selected words with a single click ‑ thanks to an integrated plug‑in version of Rhyme Genie.


Be productive

Stay on top of writer splits and copyright registrations and manage all important information about co‑writers, studio musicians and cover artists. Print professional‑looking lyrics sheets with indents and tabs, create chord sheets with automatically added chord charts and instantly transform chord symbols into the Nashville Number System for your next studio session.

Keep the fire alive

Pitch your hottest tracks and breathe new life into smoldering classic tunes with TuneSmith’s song pitch journal. Easily track the hold periods, release dates and chart positions of your pitched songs. Handle large catalogs with song groups, song categories and TuneSmith’s extensive search capabilities.


Be free

Run TuneSmith as a free companion product to the Mac or Windows version of Rhyme Genie on as many computers as desired. Exchange data between Mac and Windows with full cross-platform compatibility. Export your song data with unencrypted backups in standard FileMaker® format. Have access to your valuable song catalog at all times without monthly software subscription plans and the need for an internet connection. Test Rhyme Genie and TuneSmith in the demo mode and experience the most powerful set of creative songwriting tools available for today’s master writer.